Somewhere in eastern Russia ....
I was coming back home late night when i spotted a familiar grille and light in my rearview mirror. I maintained my cruising speed and he slowly started passing me on my left. I dropped the gear to 4th and he clearly got a bit exited by the exhaust note of my litlle 1.8. I dropped the hammer so did he. And he pulled about 5 car lenghts on me before my borg had a chance to spool.

He slowed down and this time i tried the 3rd gear. I floored it again and this time the gap was not as bad as the first time.

Yes he killed me but I was still happy with a fact that i was able to kinda hang with him.

Little 1.8 stock bottom m10 on 14 psi vs a brand new v8 turbo monster. I think my e21 did good.

And here is a bonus video this time in Mexico

2.3 fully built 5cylinder on bw 362sxe on 18-20psi vs my little m10. (60-110 Pull)

It made me realize that i need a built bottom and some corn treatment for my e21.

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