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Thread: Same color. But different. help

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    Same color. But different. help

    I have an 99 e36 m3 alpine white original very nice paint. I bought an alpine white trunk with spoiler. My car appears more gray than the trunk. Did the paint differ from certain years? Is my car paint in need of deep clean? Is the trunk faded?
    Anybthoughts would be appreciated.

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    Maybe a little fading going on. But the trunk is a '99 also so one would think it may have faded a bit too. White isn't affected as much as the darker colours so I'm thinking fading may not be the total issue, rather your car's paint may be darker because of years of wax on it. Different waxes can alter/darken paint a bit.
    Given the choice of cleansing your whole car or darkening the trunk a bit, I'd try the trunk darkening first. If you want a suggestion for a few waxes that darken, we'll give you a few suggestions.

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