Hello everyone, it has been a while since I have been on here as I've actually had cars that did not need work beyond preventive maintenance.

I'm stuck in a difficult place now and need a parts dealer who is local to the DFW area-ish (willing to drive up to 100 or so miles if it means same day parts), but I have been out of the game so long that I do not know what is around anymore.

Specifically and currently I am tinkering with a 2006 x3 e83 3.0 and need suspension parts- for starters sway bar links. Oddly enough, I find a driver side through my local AutoZone (a hold me over part until I order better), but the passenger side is a special order.

I'm a newly disabled veteran (90%) and I can't exactly spend an extremely high amount as I am in limbo for the remainder of what I am due to receive (VA cannot seem to find a specialist for me), so any leads would be great. I can't work anymore, so if I have to scrub the garage floor for a week to help offset the cost by just a few dollars, it would help.me in more ways than one. Please don't take this as me asking for anything for free, just don't want to be led to a place who wants $200 per link.

Any help is appreciated. Please DM me or respond here.

Thank you kindly.