On my way to the car meet at the Harley Davidson thunder tower store I pair up with a Mustang on the interstate, maybe a 2008 ish or so. Mustang was loud and came off the on ramp in a hurry. He quickly passed a few cars and as it passed me I WOT the 540i. I heard his exhaust as he went WOT too and I was expecting to fall behind fairly quickly. NOT! I stayed on his rear well into 5 gear when we had to slow down. I am very happy with my 540i and I believe I could have taken that mustang and make a fool out of it.

I do have DINAN CAI, TB and stage 4 tune so that may have helped.

The guy saw me standing by my car at the car show and told me he got off the interstate because the state troopers were on to us. He aske me if I saw the blue lights. I never saw anything. Maybe so but it was very dark and more than likely they didnt get to see the cars that well. If they did go looking I doubt they were looking for a four door luxury sedan.