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Thread: J&T distributing awesome service

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    J&T distributing awesome service

    I picked up my Dynavin used not only did they search their warehouse for older compatible parts they supported me over the course of more than 20 messages and over 3 weeks as well as swapped out my incorrect purchases for only the cost of shipping and then when I found out my equipment was a different version not only did they find it in the warehouse they got me squared away as quick as possible even though it was my mistake
    1998 BMW 528i My First Build

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    Could not agree more about J&T and Jeff in particular. I bought FelixEsq's 2001 530i which had the white screen problem on the N6, and no audio. As I removed it, the screen came back, and after more troubleshooting, I found pressure applied to the bottom of the case, would cause it to fail. Removing the bottom cover, I narrowed the sensitive area to where the smaller sub-PCA pins are soldered to the main PCA. Jeff suspected a solder joint issue, with the 10 pins in the corner of the board, providing ground and 12V. Sure enough, I could see them flex and disconnect, so I resoldered them per Jeff's instruction, and voila, problem solved!

    Pretty cool, right? A company helps you troubleshoot and repair your unit when they could just tell you to send it back and charge you for the repair. But that's not all. J&T are on-shore, and while nobody has a right to expect it, Jeff was e-mailing me on not only Saturday, but Sunday too!

    I suppose if he volunteered to drive up and wash my car for me, he could have done better, but I can't remember ever having a customer support experience coming anywhere close to what Jeff provided for me.

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