Before you start this procedure disconnect the negative cable on the battery. I put towels over the trunk latches just in case it closed by accident. To remove the blower motor/ Final stage resistor on the E89 Z4 you must first remove the panel below the Knee air bag (easy, only three screws hold it in place). Then remove the air bag (also easy, two silver colored bolts with collars hold the frame). You may need a mirror to see the bolts but they are easy to get to once you see where they are. You do not have to disconnect the air bag wiring. Now the glove box needs to be removed. Remove all the screws along the top front lip, two on the left towards the front and three underneath toward the rear bottom of the box. You will also have to remove the small trim panel on the right side of the box, there is one more screw under that panel. Pry up the dash trim at the top of the glove box and then the box should be able to be pulled out. Might take a little tugging and moving side to side but if you removed all the screws it will come out. Now you have access to the blower motor and final stage resistor (which is attached to the blower motor). Unplug the wiring harness to the blower. There is a plastic tab that fits into a slot in the blower motor housing, simply lift up on the tab so it clears the slot and rotate the motor assembly clockwise. You don't have to turn it very far before it releases. Rotate the assembly so that the blower cage is at it's closest point to the edge of it's housing and at that point the housing is pointed up. Due to a beam that runs across the top of the blower housing there's not a lot of room to get the fan assembly out but if you line everything up correctly it will come out. P1070029.JPGP1070030.JPGP1070028.JPGP1070027.JPG