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Thread: Window tint questions

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    Window tint questions

    Hi -- I just purchased a new Phytonic Blue X3 M40i to replace my M235 now that I have a baby on the way and need a family hauler. The "Finance Manager" talked my wife into wanting to tint the windows for UV protection for the baby's sensitive skin.

    So a couple questions.
    1) Is this even necessary, or does the car come factory with UV glass? We also have the shades in the rear.
    2) How dark would you recommend tinting? I live in San Francisco California, where I believe 70% VVT is required for front and windshield tint is illegal. I'm personally not super into the "dark" tint look and haven't tinted any of my cars in the past. And it's not particularly hot/sunny here. I park in a garage at home and at work.
    3) Is there really a difference in 3M Chrystalline vs Color Stable (which costs half)?
    4) Does the 3M Chrystaline give the windows a gold/yellowish appearance, which I don't think would look good with my blue car. I'd prefer a tint to be neutral, or even a cool tone, rather than a warm/yellow tone.

    My thought was doing 3M Chrystalline 70 all the way around, as I prefer a matched look. Does the 70 on front windows negatively impact night visibility? Should I do 90 on the front? Should I go darker in the rear (or is that unnecessary given the shades)? Is tinting even necessary at all?

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    As a tinter myself I'd look into other options for an outside vendor, almost all factory glass has a 70% tint just by the nature of the glass if you wanted something to cut the sun id suggest a 60% film its what i put on windshields for people that want a slight cut in sun. Also look for a Suntek film dealer and go with their carbon series film i seem to have the best luck with it vs other makes.

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