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Thread: Is there a way to interface my phone via usb to my E36 328i?

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    Is there a way to interface my phone via usb to my E36 328i?

    Ideally, I would love it if I can connect my galaxy s9 via usb-C to a USB port in the car which would: 1) Fast charge the phone and 2) Integrate audio with stock head unit?

    This video shows there are usb ports available:

    Just wanted to ask if anyone has experience with this?

    I ultimately want to fast charge and connect my phone audio to stock head unit via my phone's USB-C port all through a single cable.

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    The audio in interface is doable if the car was wired for the CD changer in the trunk. The wiring (2 connectors) wilk be in the left side of the trunk. Basically, you buy and install an interface box that emulates the changer. Power to charge your phone is provided by the interface box. This is a common upgrade in the E46.

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    I can't speak to USB-C, but there are E-36 headunit Bluetooth adaptor kits - I have one that I pulled out of my 325 years back...I think it's still in a box somewhere...

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