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Thread: 2012/2013 Alpina B7 Checklist

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    2012/2013 Alpina B7 Checklist

    Hi guys, I'm new to the BMW forums.

    I've been obsessing over the F01 Alpina B7s for almost two years now. I personally own a 2004 Audi A8L and I'm used to my land yacht, haha so having another in the family is a-okay with me. I'm about to pull the trigger and buy one but I need to know some common issues and general owner's experiences with these cars before doing so.

    I also want to know which model years are worth it. For example, from some owners' comments I get the impression that the 2013+ B7s are better due to the addition of the 8 speed ZF gearbox as opposed to the 6 speed the cars originally came in.

    Now the facelifted 2013+ models are really nice but I'm seeing a lot more issues with those as opposed to the 2012- models. For example I'm seeing a lot more posts regarding wastegate issues, DTC P30FF.

    I'm aware that these cars are rather expensive on this side of the ocean when it comes to parts. I've had my fair share of headaches trying to find parts for my A8L, or dealing with Indy mechanics that think they know what they're doing with these special cars.

    Anyway, it's good to be on the forums. Hoping to regularly post here soon

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    I have had a 2012 Alpina B7 for 2 years and love it. I have had many e34 5 speeds. Bought it with 50k miles and it had 63k now. No real mechanical issues, just regular maintenance. But I would have a mechanic check any possible purchase closely. I suppose 8 gears are better than the 6 which mine has, but no issue with maxing out my 6 speed, I have done 135 MPH in 5th gear and RPM's were in the 4K - 5K range. When I first drove it I thought I only had 5 gears lol. It is a beast on the highway and amazing to drive at high speeds - so comfortable and solid up to 150 MPH (no vibrations). Really only a few cars will hang with you at those speeds.

    Mine is Alpina blue with short wheel base. I highly recommend the Alpina blue (which is their signature color) and SWB - the short wheel base is a lot of car to park, even with all the cameras.

    BTW my factory stereo sucks - just the standard stereo. WTH for such a high end car? If you can get one with Bose or B&W all the better.

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