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Thread: Getrag 245 5-speed - Middletown, NY

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    Getrag 245 5-speed - Middletown, NY

    Up for sale is a Getrag 245 pulled from a 1982 E21. I know this is a common swap for 2002 owners, so I decided to post it on the forums.

    Some history:
    I bought an '82 320i a few years ago, the car runs absolutely fantastic, transmission and all. The trans shifts smooth, synchros feel good, and I would be comfortable enough to say you could simply drop it in and go. Mileage is roughly 100k. Just needs a speedo bolt/cable, and also the drive plate connector snapped upon removing it from the car, easy fix. I have a video of a fly by of the vehicle late last year before putting it away for the winter. Getting rid of it because my rust bucket of a car (thanks bmw) needs a lot of bodywork, and I'm looking to rebuild the car with more power.

    I'm located in Middletown, NY and would prefer to have this picked up rather than shipped. If you want it shipped, please give me some options as I've never shipped anything this big/heavy.

    Asking $1200, I still have the entire motor and other hardware from the M10 pulled from the car if you are looking for other pieces. Questions are welcome, ready to do business. Additionally you can find this on eBay... but fees suck so just contact me if you're interested!

    Since I'm new on the forums, I don't believe I can post photos to feel free to check em out here:

    P.S. - New here so if I cant post stuff for sale, just let me know! Looking to get this out of the garage before the end of the summer.

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    Have you sold this ?

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