The M2 Competition is replacing the current M2. Total availability will be similar to what the current M2 is.

I had put deposits at a couple dealers for an M2. When I first heard the rumors of the S55 in the M2 I passed on my allocations as they came up and moved them to the M2C.

I have hit the lottery as two - thatís right - 2 - allocations have popped for me. I am doing European Delivery followed by Performance Center Delivery on mine.

Does anyone want to give me $1000 plus my $1000 deposit to jump the list and take the second one? If not I will cancel it and get my deposit returned. If interested then please message me.

I had actually thought of taking delivery of it in Europe too and followed with PCD and sell it. I know these will be rare for a while and am not trying to make a killing on it like some dealers will.