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Thread: '98 E36 M3 Complete Audio Build

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    '98 E36 M3 Complete Audio Build

    Hello fellow enthusiasts! I'm about to embark on a complete audio overhaul and upgrade with my son on his first car, a '98 M3. I'm hoping to detail and catalog our effort from the beginning through the final product. I'll be posting "before" pictures in the day or so. Here's a detailed list of our initial intentions with the project as well as the materials we've purchased.

    First thing's first, we will be replacing the "original" (398,000 miles!) 80 amp alternator with a new Bosch 140 amp alternator. Also double checking the battery itself to see it's general health.

    Second, the existing head unit. The previous owner has already swapped out the original head unit (and cd changer) with a new Alpine CDE-175BT. It's an excellent receiver with Bluetooth, USB & Aux input, as well as 3 sets of preouts (front, rear, sub). We have the original head unit and cd changer in a box of random parts.


    Front – Infinity Kappa Perfect 500 3-way component with the Kappa Perfect 300 midrange. The 300 midrange is a 3.5” speaker that technically should not fit the existing opening in the door, so we’re going to figure out a way once it arrives.

    Rear – Alpine R-S69 6x9. These will fit the existing rear deck spots on the 6x9 adapters already installed for the BavAudio speaker swap.

    Sub – Alpine R-10WD4. 10” dual coil sub wired to 2 ohms to match the power coming from the amp.


    Infinity Reference 704a – 4-channel amp wired to run at 2ohms, 100w/channel
    Infinity Kappa K1000 – Mono amp for the sub running 1000/1 at 2ohms


    We’ll be building a custom sealed enclosure/amp rack that will fit on the driver side of the trunk. The plan is for it to fit snug within the side so that access to the spare tire is not infringed upon. The amplifiers and crossovers (for the fronts) will be recessed into the front/side facing panel of the box, in theory no wires will be visible.


    Will be running 1/0 off the battery in the back to a dist. Block with two 4 gauge wires to the amps. Amps will have their grounds running to the same point with a bolt directly attached to the frame, pic to follow. There will be a 200amp inline fuse within 12” of the battery. We will be running 12gauge wire to the sub, 14 gauge wire to all speakers.

    Any and all feedback welcome and appreciated!

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    Here's a few pics of what we're starting with, as well as the cardboard template for what we'd like to build for the trunk enclosure and rack.

    IMG_4562 (2).jpg

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