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Thread: cant read Memory Control Modules

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    cant read Memory Control Modules

    just purchased a 1997 850ci and needed a inspection and the car failed because BMW could not get a reading from the
    Memory Control Modules. they asked if I had replaced or disconnected the battery , I told them no but when I received the car a week ago I had to re enter the radio code. they said that I have to put some miles on the car and then they will retry. Does this make sense and if so how many miles do I have to drive before retest? already at 110 miles

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    There should be no problem reading any of the modules after the battery has been disconnected - they all have non-volatile memory in the OBDII cars...
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    Actually I went through a similar thing a while back. My car occasionally throws a random check engine code that Iím still chasing down, but one time it happened a day or two before my scheduled appointment for inspection. I had to put 500 miles on it before they could read whatever code they are reading during these inspections.

    Iím also assuming this only applies to OBD-II cars.

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