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Thread: Subwoofer in The Trunk

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    Subwoofer in The Trunk

    Sometimes, when I'm frustrated or I just need to get some energy out, I like to roll my windows down and play my music loudly as I drive home after work. There's something missing though - the bass in my car is fine, but I've thought about using some of my generous trunk space to install a subwoofer so I can get some thumping. Will I regret it? Or is life too short to worry about it? I've started looking, I just want to know what experiences that you've all had with adding subs.

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    The ease of this will depend on your chassis. On an e36 for example this will take you an hour. Other chassis could be longer or almost impossible.

    Personally most newer cars have decent enough sound systems that a dedicated sub isnít needed in the sense of adding one. However for my old e36 a 10Ē Alpine hits pretty hard and worth every penny.

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    i have a Kicker Powered Sub and it made a good difference. This is the one i am using it was really easy to install.
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    What 'kind' of sub bass would you like? would you want smooth, controlled, punchy, deep, clear, musical sub bass? or, would you just like to have more bass for a relatively bargain basement level of spend? (something like what lukitas refers to)

    Will you be upgrading your existing cabin speakers so that they play better once you have your extra bass?

    Cheers, Dennis!

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