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Thread: '06 BMW Z4M vs BMW i8

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    '06 BMW Z4M vs BMW i8

    ///M: RPI air scoop, Euro headers, DKF S-pipe with 100 cell cats, RPI mufflers
    i8: Stock..?

    In my area there's only about three i8's. I had a late gym sesh last night so on my way home I see this i8 pull up behind me, tailgating me for a few seconds, then passes me. I decide to chase after him. Every time I tried pulling up next to him to honk he kept taking off on the first honk or whenever he'd hear me rev match he'd floor it. We finally ended up having 2 official runs with 3 honks;

    1st round: rolling at 65MPH, 3rd gear for me, pedal to the metal and off we go. We were dead even for about 2 seconds then he started walking. I hit 120ish. He was ahead by about 1.5 car lengths.

    2nd round: rolling from 50 at 2nd gear. Same outcome but this time he pulled right off, I had no chance. I think I reached 145MPH, this guy was well ahead about 3 car lengths, probably maxed at 155.

    We slowed down as there was a trooper pulled over to the side. I slammed on the brakes first, then i8 spotted him too late, slammed brakes even harder but changed his mind when he passed the trooper at about 125MPH, he went WOT to hit 155 again getting away. I must've passed the trooper at about 90. In my rear view mirror, I see the Trooper's headlights jump up.. he's flooring it! At this moment I'm sweating balls and praying, promising the Lord I'll go to church every Sunday. Trooper flies by me and is after the i8. The freeway was a long road and clear, so the i8's bright lights were visible from a mile back. I took the exit, went home, garaged the car, went to bed thinking how lucky I got.

    I don't know if i8's can be modified as they're electric but this i8 seemed to be quicker than I expected them to be. I raced my brother's C7 Stingray and he beat me by 1.5 car lengths, and that's because we raced from 40MPH, so it wasn't good gearing for me. The Stingray is quicker than the i8, so I find myself puzzled at this outcome. I don't know if the i8 was caught.

    I'm sorry, did I say Trooper? I meant Federale, as this happened in Mexico..
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