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Thread: Video - Stock 328is Pass a Lotus Elise and modded Mini on a road course

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    Video - Stock 328is Pass a Lotus Elise and modded Mini on a road course

    Didn't really notice this section until now otherwise I would have posted earlier. This is two years ago at the M1 Conourse in Pontiac Michigan. The first par of the day was rainy then it dried out. The only that sucked is that I mounted the camera right on the bumper between the front kidney grills and I think the difference of heat from the radiator and the ambient temp plus the recent rains made the camera case fog up. Lesson learned!

    This video starts with my best laps from the wet and dry sessions then at about the 3:30s mark it shows some of my near spins, cone strikes and finally where I passed the mini and the Lotus. The lotus was particularly satisfying because I had to catch up to him for a few laps before I was able to make the pass. Plus I remember hearing the guy talk some shit during lunch. I am in a COMPLETELY stock 328is. My tires aren't even that fancy - Hankook RS3s that were 4-5yrs old.

    At the very end an EVO goes off and almost hits the wall.


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    Nice! Looks like you had a lot of fun. I need to find a track like this near me.
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    I was there in my FRS, I think you show me in the video, we were in the same group by the look of it. I saw that Evo go off as well.

    The first session I went out it was pouring and I was passing everyone I came across, hurray for stock tires. The next sessions though, easily the slowest car out, boo stock tires. A completely stock FRS just doesn't have the power or traction to hang with the other cars.

    I liked the track more than I thought I would. Based on the layout it didn't look like it'd be too fun but I was surprised.

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    Looks like a nice little track. I've been to a few others in Michigan, but never this one. Might have to check it out sometime, but keep my fingers crossed for better weather! Seems you made the most of it though.

    Have you been to any other tracks in the area that you like better/worse?

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