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Thread: Video - DIY Lexan Quarter Panel Windows E36 Coupe

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    Lightbulb Video - DIY Lexan Quarter Panel Windows E36 Coupe

    Hey there -
    So I am by no means a master fabricator but I am able to hack my way through most things that need to get done. I made this little video to show how I make some rear quarter windows out of lexan. I still have to re-do the vinyl strips that I put on to hide some of the rivet heads and sealant. Other than that I think it turned out OK. They won't function any more which I am fine with. I used 1/4" lexan because I got it for free from work, but you can use 1/8" instead.

    Jigsaw with plexiglass blade (purchased at Home Depot)
    1/8" x 3/8" Aluminum rivets
    Sealant/caulk (paintable would be preferred)
    2x4 and Clamps - to secure the lexan while cutting
    Drill with 1/8" Drill bit
    1/4-3/8" drill bit to debur the holes (optional)
    rasp/file to shape the lexan
    Vinyl sheet (optional)
    Razor blade (to cut the vinyl - Optional)

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    They look good!

    Instead of the vinyl strips, mask off and paint the windows 2" from the edge. The silver rivets will look pretty good IMO against the gloss black. Painting the inside might be more durable?

    I have some CSS lexan side windows that I've been waiting to install for months, mostly because I don't want to lose all the cool stickers I've collected on the glass

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