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Thread: Electrical Gremlin Help

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    Electrical Gremlin Help

    Having a problem getting things powered up after installing a kill switch and eliminating several connectors that were presumably unnecessary. I reversed my work down to the kill switch and still can't get the car started or the ignition switch to work when turned to run/start or accessory. The current status - when the kill switch is in the 'on' position, the trip computer and SRS light is on, but no power anywhere else, regardless of key position. The trip and SRS are on even when the key is in the off position. The EWS is deleted and ran the same day as this gremlin started to enter the picture, with the same kill switch install. The battery was connected/disconnected a few times as I ran through some electrical work, and I accidentally grounded a power lead from the seat harness against the chassis (which is what I am thinking is causing the issue). The fuse was blown for the driver seat when this occurred.

    I've tested the kill switch and the power/grounds are working as expected. The main fuse is intact at the battery. It seems as though there's another relay or fuse I've blown given the way its behaving, or I've fried the ECU. Could use some help with tracking down the likely culprit or some info on testing the ECU. I don't have a way to read the ECU, but I do have a couple different types of diagnostic systems but have only used them to read a error codes (OBDII bluetooth reader and Creator C310).
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    I'd suggest posting this in a more relevant section, perhaps the engine modifications section? It's because this topic is nothing to do with car audio and associated electronics.

    Cheers, Dennis!

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