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Thread: Removing dried polishing compound?

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    Removing dried polishing compound?

    Hello everyone,

    A few months ago I spent approx 12 hours cutting and polishing the clear coat on my E32. The splatter from my machine was awful even with small amounts of polish. Anyway, a lot of that polish splatter ended up in cracks that can be seen, but not reached. I am unable to clean them with any kind of solution. Another thing I noticed recently was the amount of dried polish compound in the inside edges of the doors, its thick and hard to the touch. I am guessing this Florida heat has baked it on. The paint came out night and day, but now i've got this issue.

    I've tried researching any chemicals that may help but came up with nothing. Any ideas?

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    I'd try water in a spritzer bottle, Qtips, towel bits on a stick, and one of those special hose brass screw on nozzle things with just one hole in it. That nozzle is sort of like a baby pressure nozzle tip, sort of, with a bit more pressure than just the hose alone. That slightly higher than normal stream might be able to gradually blast out the hard to reach bits.

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