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Thread: Please help me design a sound system for my 1998 Z3 Roadster

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    Please help me design a sound system for my 1998 Z3 Roadster

    Here is the back story. I am deciding whether to sell the Roadster or put the $$ in it so that it will last another 10 years. It is a automobile that is used for pleasure.

    I am not up on the lingo, amp, head unit, etc or how to hook that stuff up. In my day a sound system was the code word to get girls to come up to the abode of debauchery. We had turn tables, cartridges, "records", pre-amps, amps, etc. so I should be able to follow the conversation.

    Most of my music is on cd's so I will need to play cd's, I also have some on my phone. I want to play that so I figure I will be needing blue tooth for music and my phone.

    I don't care to wake the neighbors with sonic pollution or for the kids to know what I am listening to 4 lanes over at 85mph. I want to hear it though.

    I have speakers in the floor in the foot area, small speakers in the door and behind the seats and a sub woofer in the oddments area between the seats. There may be more I don't know.

    I have the original radio that sounded like a volume rheostat was dirty and was replaced with a cheap kenwood.

    I can happily delete the subwoofer if the system will sound reasonable with the top down at hwy speed.

    I want something that will fit in the original speaker holes with minimum cutting and modding. PLUG AND PLAY IF YOU WILL.

    My budget tops out at $800 but I would like to keep it to $500. So what can you suggest for that budget. Total systems please, I don't want to keep anything but the copper.


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    Hello - I would suggest that you visit Crutchfield's site - they have a very useful tool where you input your make/model/year and the populated results are only those that will fit your specific model. This will be the easiest way for you to find a 'plug and play' system. Take a look at the link below. Hope this helps you out.
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    Bavsound also sells a plug and play stage 1 kit, about $450 if i remember correctly, doesnt improve that much, if you really do want good sound cutting and wiring will be needed imo

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