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Thread: Wheel Imperfection

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    Wheel Imperfection

    I recently acquired another car that has a few weird spots on multiple wheels, allegedly not from the directly previous owner. The wheels are oem e46 m3 zcp wheels that have definitely not been refinished. The car was absolutely clean aside from these spots so I was not surprised when washing, claybar, and even (gasp) a magic eraser did not yield even a slight difference. I have done plenty of real body work and refinished several sets of wheels, but have never seen a defect that looks like this. The surface is smooth and continuous with the rest of the wheel. The rest of the wheel surfaces look good and don't have any paint failure or obvious defects. This looks like a stain. Does anyone have any suggestions to try next or even what they think it is? Should I try something to remove iron even though it doesn't look like rust?

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    I think my next step would be as you stated and use some type of iron removing wheel cleaner. Sonax or IronX from CarPro.

    Good luck! Hopefully you will not need to refinish the wheels.

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    Were you able to successfully remove it?

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    Can you feel it with your fingernail? Almost looks like somebody burned through the clearcoat?

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