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Thread: INPA doesn't work on 94 235i, but works on 98 Z3M

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    INPA doesn't work on 94 235i, but works on 98 Z3M

    INPA works fine on my 98 Z3M, but on my wife's 94 325i it says: "IFH-0006: COMMAND NOT ACCEPTED. Program will be stopped!" I re-checked env variables, and that COM1 is correct in both places. (For my S52 I chose "M52", which is correct.) For my wife's car I chose "DME 3.31 for M50 2.5 1", which is her engine. The diff seems to be which car it is plugged into. One guess is that the plug is not connecting due to corrosion (I'm using the plug in the engine compartment). Any other ideas? Something simple I'm missing? .... thanks for any responses.

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    Pre OBD2 cars are a completely different diag system, which uses mostly the L - line diagnostic protocols. You will not be able to diagnose that car without a true ADS interface on a true serial port.

    I would use the so called "stomp test" to identify codes on that car.

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    Thanks. I looked it up and will try it...... (10 minutes later) Just read codes : only "1444" came up (no codes), which makes me happy. My wife told me the "Check engine" light had come on, so I am doing this to prepare for emissions test. So I think she was wrong, because the code is stored, until cleared, even if the problem is fixed. again, thanks...
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