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Thread: Looking to buy a 2006 750Li - Any advice?

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    Question Looking to buy a 2006 750Li - Any advice?

    89k miles on the car. Stock. Lots of work done to the car as far as maintenance. Drives very very nice.

    I like her, but need to know if this car is known to have any serous issues like motor or tranny, etc.

    Also, how upgradable is she as far as getting more HP from her??

    Thanks to anyone that can help.
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    Hello - take a look at the link below to an earlier thread where the E65 is discussed. As far as power, I remember reading somewhere the VF Engineering were working on a SC kit. You can also reach out to Alpina, as they have a twin turbo 7 series. Good luck!
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    You're not going to get any noticable power increase from modifying anything. Not unless you drop big money on forced induction. I don't even know if anyone even offers a kit for these cars.

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