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    Question X5 research prior to buying — is there a “Special” model or smart buy to look for?

    I know that sounds like a dumb question, but it’s paid off for me in the past, here’s what I mean...

    when i I bought my 2006 E46 convertible research told me to look for, and ended up buying, a ZHP. If you are familiar with them, you know that’s kind of a big deal.

    when i was looking for a new-to-me 5-series, research told me I wanted the N54 motor so I bought a 2010 vs buying a newer “nicer” 2011-2013’ish model. I also wanted the Comfort Keyless option. A very big convienience, to me.

    so now the wife wants a used x5 and I’m curious if research will tell me that this is better than that, or look for this option/package, etc. I don’t want a high maintenance version like an “M” because I don’t want to afford it. But what else should I try to get?
    I’m looking to spend $10k-15k so I’m thinking the answers will be in the E70 line, prob 2010 or 2011. Gas or diesel is fine.

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    E53 4.6is or 4.8is is well within your range. However, the base 3.0 is quite torquey, and I'm quite happy with the off the line performance of my '04 3.0 Whatever you do, don't put on Bilstein HD/Touring shocks/struts. I installed Eibach sport springs and the Bilsteins and the ride is hard, and at times, bouncy, depending on the condition of the road. Then I got some F15 style 450s with runflats and that made it worse, but it looks good! lol

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    The e53 4.6i is an amazing beast, but the e70 is a HUGE jump forward. If you are looking for a special one the x5m you say you don't want is really the one to look for but well above your range. The 2010 and newer ones are the way to go see if you can find the twin turbo 6 with an m sport package and you should be real happy

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    4.6is IMHO is the only way to go for a unique X. Low production numbers especially in Estroil or Imola. DIY friendly and within your price range. Yeah it doesn't have the M badge but they are anything but another e53.

    Here's mine


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    I'd say get an e70 with the n52 3.0L (Like me).

    The engine is rock solid and actually pretty quick (the official numbers say its quicker than my e39 530i).
    I avoided the air suspension, but still have the tech package and lighting package. In close to a year, nothing has really gone wrong. Although when I bought it, I replaced the water pump and thermostat just as preventative maintenance. If anything, the e70 is easier to take apart than the e39, so I would say it is DIY friendly.

    I was looking to the e53's before I got the e70, and its a night and day difference. Everything about the interior of the e53 just seems cheap...., and while the facelifted e53 models still look good, the e70 looks at least a decade newer.

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    I have to say the e70 is a very nice car and easy to work on. I looked for a nice e53 and never got lucky enough to find a good on with service history. I got mine in February. It is an 09 an is a base model without sport or heated seats. I was pushed to the 3.0 with the less things to go wrong on top of the usual coolant/pump and oil leak issues. Some of the controls are counter intuitive. But, it rides nice. Hauls gear. I enjoy the ride on the highway. Kid goes to college out past Syracuse NY. I felt pretty good after 7-8 hours in the car.

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