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Hey guys!! I'm back with another interview!! I had the pleasure of interviewing Michael with Remus Technologies at Bimmerfest 2018 featuring their new and hottest products they have released this year! Michael broke down into detail every feature of the exhausts to better help you make the right decision for your car. He was extremely knowledgeable on each one of their products which is obvious just by viewing the video!

We talked about where the products are made and how everything is fabricated by hand. It really shows you just how close Remus pays attention to every detail of their products. Everything is made in house or imported from Germany, with their factory close by in Austria that has been in business since 1990.

Here's a breakdown of their products they were featuring:

- The brand new M5 system, which is currently an axle back system which will be a full catback system featuring 102mm tips.

- Their G30 540 system offered as axle-back or full catback system with carbon fiber or straight cut chrome tips options.

- The 550i system which integrates with the factory sport button. Offered as a full catback system which is also brand new and just released this year!

- The M2 system which was released a year ago, it's a very popular product for them which offers a remote control system that allows you to manually control the valves. It's an app based controller via bluetooth or a port to set the settings according to RPM ranges. It's made of 304 stainless steel with a shot glass finish that protects from rust and erosions.

Some additional highlighted features on Remus Technologies:

  • All cat-back systems are fully bolt on systems
  • All tips allow flexibility to line up with diffusers.
  • Aftermarket products are perfected on the OEM side for Remus
  • They produce OEM for AMG, Bentley, Mcclarren, VW, & Lamborghini to name a few.
  • M2, M3, M4, M5 have more aggressive tips with 98-102mm options.
  • most systems offer up to 5 different tip options

Last but not least, the biggest reveal that I have been waiting MONTHS to tell everyone is...... Remus Technologies officially invited Extreme Power House TO GO TO AUSTRIA and get a personal tour of their factory which we will get to check out their OEM factory as well. We'll get to be tourist at night, learning all about the history of beautiful Austria, and will hopefully get to attend the DTM Race at the Red Bull Ring! AMAZING!!!

BMW 540

BMW F90 M5


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