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Thread: Head upgrade

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    Head upgrade

    1986 CSi stock M30 engine 150,000 miles, Miller MAF and chip. Engine never opened in 32 years.

    Blew the head gasket @ Watkins Glen. Ran really great until turn 11.

    While I have it repaired, I was thinking of a mild upgrade.

    Depending on basic worn out head parts that need replacing, what would be the

    recommendations to up the hp for more ump. Not looking for massive rebuild,

    just to gain something while I'm in there. I don't know what hp I'm looking for.

    Don't want to touch the bottom end at all, Compression was all above 155 last time checked.

    No water in the oil, I caught the problem early. So if suggestions could give hp gain, that will help me

    make my decision. To go from 182 hp to 200 I would have to do what?

    To 220 then it would take this. Or to 240 it would be that, or the best you could do

    is this hp and would need these parts as an upgrade. I'll assume I'll have to get a Miller War Chip for the MAF

    and program accordingly.

    If the B34 head is still good, I'd like to use it. What could I do with it?

    If not I guess it would be a B35 head. Or maybe, I'll have to get a B35 head to make upgrade in hp easier.

    Complete novice when it comes to this. Upgrading brakes and suspension was easy for me.

    This stuff is out of my realm of knowledge.

    I'm going to post on Bimmerforums 6 series and Big Coupe as they will also have much more experience than me.

    I've searched the posts on this subject and now I'm more confused.

    Want to thank you all for any and all input.

    Bob V
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    After digesting the info from the 3 posts here, My e28 and Big Coupe--I decided to get the Metric Mechanic Sport Head.
    I already have Jim's tranny that's an excellent box, I would expect his Sport Head would be the ticket I am looking for.
    It's a direct swap because the head is complete. Got his goodies in it from years of experience.

    I'll report my findings after the install.

    Bob V

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