hello there, im going to buy a new car and i've 2 of my friends selling these 2 models.
One is a 2011 330d, 80k km, n57 engine, automatic.
The second is a 2010 330xd, 120k km, m sport, automatic...
Price is about the same, around 14-15000 euro.
I will start a tuning project in order to advertise my ecu tuning works.
It should arrive around 450hp and 900nm, dpf and egr off, wagner intercooler, filter, hybrid turbo, ecu flash, and 50/50 methanol.
DO you know if xdrive can work better to avoid loosing torque? or can limit the torque due to the amount of nm? i never drive an xd, but here in winter snows a lot.
I worked in past on a 530xd, and i remember that it burns the xdrive engine.
It should be better take the 330d?

thanks you all for answers