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Thread: Track day brings more questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cobra1956 View Post
    If you have trouble staying in your seat go to your local Lowes or Home Depot or hardware store and get some tool box liner.
    Throw it on your seat and sit on it. Pick up a seat belt lock. Your ass wont be going anywhere.
    I use that every track day now. Itís so nice to not hold on for dear life on the long fast sweepers. With that you plant yourself and stay there.

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    The Schroth company says their 4-points are made specifically for your chassis, to the Federal safety standards for passenger car safety belts, if the driver retains the stock seat(s). The Schroth company also says they function like 3-points in the event of an accident. I may be a sucker for believing them, but whatever. I have tried them a few times. My experience was, they held me to a stock seat pretty darn well, and I wasn't using the wheel or my right knee to brace myself. But my body size and weight are pretty proportional.
    If God meant for man to motor-swap LS engines into track cars, He wouldn't have created Corvettes.

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