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Thread: Tire Pressure Notification

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    Tire Pressure Notification

    I just bought my X3 in March 2018.

    I am getting the following message in my console.

    "You can continue driving. Check tire pressure when the tires are cold and adjust if necessary. Perform a reset after adjustment. See owner's manual for further information."

    Following is the tire pressure I see when the tires are cold.
    Front Left - 34 Front Right - 37 (Recommended for front tires -32)
    Rear Left - 37 Rear Right - 38 (Recommended for rear tires - 35)

    I am not sure if it is normal to get this notification message.

    Please advise how to handle this...

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    Could be a wiring issue or faulty module. check the vehicle for fault codes. If system is not working properly, a fault code will be set. This will be your best bet when diagnosing.

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