Our local chapter is hosting our annual HPDE for 2018 in the fall! Great time to do a track day at Barber! Plenty of track time without the heat of summer. If you've never been to Barber, well then even more reason come see why its one of the best tracks in the south.

This year we are trying early entry discounts:

March 17 - July 20 is $475, non BMW CCA members, $525

July 21 - August 18 is $515, non BMW CCA members, $565

August 19 - September is $545, non BMW CCA members, $595

Also this year we are hosting the BimmerWorld BMW CCA Club Racing School!! I"ll be doing the school along with a bunch of my good friends.

Successful completion of the school will allow you to apply for a provisional BMW CCA Club Race license. The school may also qualify you to apply for a NASA, SCCA, AER or other regional race licenses.

Hope to see you guys there!