I have been experiencing the following issues. Not sure if they are related but here are is what I am experiencing with my iPhone 6s while plugged in via:

Aux - Music will play and then all of a sudden the music will stop and I will hear a strange noise through the speakers. This lasts for a second or so and then complete silence. Then after unpugging the wires, changing input a few times, etc. Then sound will work again.

USB - Music starts off fine. Then the radio will switch on its own to FM. When I push the Audio button (to see input options), USB is not even listed. I wait and then after a bit "USB" shows up again as an option.

I know there is not a ton of info to go on, but appreciate any help that can be given. These issues have been very annoying as I can't even make it through 1-2 songs without being interrupted.