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Thread: New e39 owner, have question about wheels.

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    New e39 owner, have question about wheels.

    Hey guys, I recently purchased an 2002 530. Love it so far. I really want to get new wheels for it though. My dream wheels would be the Rondell 0058 but after a month of searching for them I am just about ready to give up. Would anyone recommend any other wheels for the e39? I love the deep dish look of the Rondell 58's.

    Any recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    Hello and welcome to the forum! Not sure what your budget is or how stock-ish you'd like the wheels to look, but check out CCW wheels. They have some amazing looking, deep dish wheels. Google 'ccw wheels e39'. Let us know if you have any other questions or if we can assist with any part needs.
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    There is a seller on Instagram that used to sell a lot of 58s, he is in Europe, but his prices looked reasonable to me. His name on Instagram is do_it_right_way . Whichever way you go, remember that center bore has to be 74.1mm which is unique to e39s.

    P.S. There is also a seller on here with Stills that had sets of 058s and other cool wheels, I am not sure if it's the same dude as the one on Instagram. Here is the link to is adds:
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    A month of searching for rare wheel sets is nothing ! There's some sets I've got now which took me 4+ years to find! I still have a good few more sets to collect as well still

    There's many wheels which look fantastic on the E39 and which also are E39 fitment as well, the difficult part is choosing ones you like and then finding them ! The usual choices come up for sale almost every other day, rare sets whenever they come up !

    It also just so happens there's a set of Rondell 58's in 10x18 ET19 rear and 8.5x18 ET13 front are available right now on UK ebay. They include tyres and minimal kerb marks. The seller is chancing it due to rarity and asking a big price on them at 1100 which personally, I think is a crazy asking price. They should be around the 650 level and perhaps a bit less due to the slight kerb rash.

    If you'd like more inspiration on wheel choices for the E39, then go get a 12 pack of good beer, plenty of snacks and settle back to go through this massive thread which has many many pictures showing all sorts of fantastic and some not so fantastic wheels on the E39 !

    Some pics are missing now though but still lots left to see. Make a shortlist of those you like and begin the search. If there's any wheels over here in the UK that you may want to get, let me know as I semi regularly send wheel sets across to the USA.

    Cheers, Dennis!

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