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Thread: Track cars - What bushings do you run?

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    I have spherical everywhere except:

    FLCA at chassis - Hard Race eyeballs (think Treehouse, but blue instead of green).
    Front sway bar to chassis mount - whatever poly GC sends with the bar
    Diff mounts are 75D AKG in all 3
    Rear subframe is Turner solid aluminum
    Motor and trans mounts are Vorshlag red and orange poly (respectively)

    Until I switched from Poweflex blacks to the Turner aluminum rear subframe mounts, everything was reasonable from a NVH perspective (daily driver/autocross car on 800fr/900rr springs). The change to solid aluminum raised the diff noise NVH SIGNIFICANTLY to the point that I thought the AKG stuff had been masking some inherent diff problem. I've now realized that this is not the case and that the aluminum subframe mounts just transmit a whole lot more noise into the chassis.
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    I'm all over the place on bushings.

    Old setup:
    AKG black (95A) motor/trans mounts
    Treehouse eyeballs
    AKG 95A subframe
    AKG 75D diff
    Bimmerworld RTAB bearing
    GC spherical RSMs and camber plates and sways and tigers and bears

    Now, modify the above with:
    Bimmerworld "Group N" rubber mounts (AKGs failed after ~7 years)
    750i transmission mounts (allegedly stiffer OE rubber? sure)
    Stock FCABs, needed something quick
    Stock diff bushings in diff ears, AKG 75D in diff nose-- swapped diff and was too lazy to deal with bushings
    GC poly RSMs instead of Spherical-- sphericals developed play within a couple years, were rebuilt, but are on the shelf.

    Honestly I don't notice much difference except a reduction in NVH and a bit muted steering feel.

    One thing I should note about the AKG poly subframe mounts-- I am not happy with these. They do not have a metal insert tube to compress against, so they will just compress and compress and compress. Getting them to hold torque is not easy. My Bimmerworld RTABs are fine, I have a replacement set of bearings to go in, proactively, whenever I yank out the AKG subframe mounts.
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    Condor solid bushings are the best thing I ever did for my Z3. I ran poweflex for years, but I could feel the rear subframe and front control arms moving around. Replaced every thing with condor. Turned my machete into a scalpel. I have since done the same thing with my 128i. Condor everything. DO NOT forget these...

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    FCAB: AKG 75D
    RTAB: OEM with limiters
    Subframe: Revshift 95A
    Diff: Revshift 95A (not recommended, see my thread on it)

    I don't think it's daily-able. Too much gear whine with this setup to do everyday... unless you have short trips.

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