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Thread: Layered Coatings Possible?

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    Layered Coatings Possible?

    Does anyone know if you can use a product like Hydrosilex on top of Kamikaze ISM? My thinking is that the Kamikaze is (just guessing here...) the better, more durable product. So I was going to use Hydrosilex as a 'detailer / sealer' (like spray shine) on top of ISM for quick refreshes. I'm just asking to be sure there aren't any possible side-effects to doing so.

    Thanks in advance!

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    For over-the-counter coatings, I believe layering can be beneficial for a private DIY'er owner. But one must exercise caution that they are not attempting to "layer" by reapplying too quickly after a previous layer application. Coatings have transfer solvents(in most cases, I believe these are alcohol-based solvents).

    The reason OTC coatings may benefit from layering moreso than some other professional coatings, is that the thing that makes them user-friendly as an OTC coating is the same thing that limits the active ingredients(si02). The transfer-rich solvent mixture in OTC coatings will easily break down an previous coating layer if applied before cured to a healthy measure. To what specific healthy measure? That would be different from coating to coating but my advice is to not even consider layering over a coating within 24-48 hours. IR lamp treatment will not change this very much, if at all, based upon how IR lamp treatments actually work(which is different from what many people believe).

    Long story short:
    OTC coating and you want something a bit more than basic? Sure, layer. But wait 24-48 hours before reapplying. Too....always be RELIGIOUS about decontaminating before coating and between each corrective preparation step. My advice is to decontaminate every single time you lift your machine/pad from the paint to remove the residue with a mf towel. That will ensure you have the optimal bond of your original layer.

    Hope this helps.
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