I have a 2009 X5 3.0. The 18Ē tires were due to be replaced when I happened across an ad on FB for a set of 19Ē M sport rims with practically brand new Michelin zero pressure tires. After purchase I bolted them on but I am unable to reset or relearn the TPMS. I called the seller and he assured me that the senders were indeed in the tires and since these were definitely OEMBMWwheels I donít understand where the downfall is in the process. Is there a compatibility issue due to the age differences? What does one traditionally do when itís time to change sensors? They say 5-10 year battery life so I feel I was already on borrowed time, so the new tires,wheels and sensorswere a no-brainer. I could live with the light and TPMS fail code but surely there is a remedy. I could take it to the dealer but I had issues in the past with them not honoring the platinum extended service contract THEY sold me so I would prefer an alternative. Iím a DIY kind of guy, I just need a little direction.