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Thread: 2011 335d SCR Issue

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    2011 335d SCR Issue

    Hi All,
    I noticed that most of the threads on this subject are from 2017 and older. Looking for any new info you guys could give me if something has changed.
    I have checked my warranty service records and found my vehicle threw SCR codes at 70k miles in 09-2014. The dealer was trying to charge me for a repair on this issue... $1100. + labor to replace the DEF tank due to a faulty temp sensor. I was told it was a critical issue that I had to take care of, but would/could or did not want to tell me what the result/damage to engine except that I could experience performance/mileage/die-in-traffic scenario... Since I didn't have the funds available, and the car ran beautifully w/o any power loss of mileage issues, I figured they were pulling my chain, and I could afford to put it off until either my finances changed or the thing died and I would park it and drive my truck. Each time I brought it in for service they stressed that I should take care of it and I kept telling them that I was not satisfied with their answers and to just do what I needed done.

    I found the SIB on this today, so I am trying to work out the timeline, checking my service tkts, and will try to push this through to BMW NA to see if they will fix/reimburse...

    Can anyone add to this issue for me...??

    Also... just did a walnut blast of my intake, EGR replacement, one bad diesel injector replacement and fuel filter change plus front/rear brakes... man... she has never been as smooth or as powerful/quick... so if I can get this done... that annoying little service engine soon light will finally go away after 6 years...

    Thank all...

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    Unsure of what you are asking, but all the info you need is here for the reinbursement program

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    If you take it in to a dealer, they should fix it by replacing the DEF tank (for free). And if the NOx sensors have failed, they should replace them too.

    As long as you're under 120K miles.

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    Facing the same problems and please let us know how you come out with BMW? I have a 2010 35d with 143,000 miles and cannot keep it going much longer due to it just eating $100.00 bills, THANKS, Jim

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