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Thread: E36 318i vs diesels

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    E36 318i vs diesels

    I would not go as far as to call that a "kill story" given the modest car that my former E36 318i was, but I just want to share how impressive that car was for its claims and mileage/age.
    116hp (yes, only), 5spd manual, 15 years at the time and 100000 miles, bone stock.

    It was easily pulling away from ALL the diesel cars ranging from 150 to 170hp, not only in first gears/B roads but also on the highway in 4th, and a few Mercedes "270cdi" (170hp) C and E classes have been surprised (you can tell when a diesel car is trying hard by... the smoke ).

    Heck it was so good that when I got my current E46 323i (which had a relatively bad engine and had had a reaally bad maintenance, true) with 170hp claimed, I was disappointed. Before going through several engine flushes and oil changes I even doubted it was faster

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    The butt dyno isn't worth much on paper, but in reality, it's all that matters

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