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Thread: Raleigh area Walnut blasting/General BMW repair --- Best price and quality!!!

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    Raleigh area Walnut blasting/General BMW repair --- Best price and quality!!!

    Wanted to share my experience with a guy I met on n54. We talked last year on that board regarding some of the issues my 09 535xi had. He shot me a PM letting me know he'd help if I wanted to. I picked his brain about a few things.. he gave me advice and direction over the phone prior to even having him work on my car! I am in Charlotte and at the time, he was in Winston Salem. By the time I worked out my schedule (and got some money together) he moved to Raleigh. I was still so confident in his desire/ability to do quality work for me based on our conversations and pics he sent of other things he was working on in the meantime... I decided the 3 hour ride was worth it.

    I dropped my car off a few weeks ago for the following:
    Valve cover and gasket
    Oil filter housing gasket
    new silicon vacuum lines
    New plugs
    Walnut blast
    JB4 cable install
    Oil Catch can install

    This was the plan at the start... Once Mark got into it he warned me that some of my coolant lines looked like they had seen better days.

    When I tell you I've never met someone so detail oriented... I am not exaggerating. He documented every step of the process. EVERY step. He took before and after pics of each intake port... each spark plug... each brittle and broken tab... A level of service you'd NEVER get from a dealer. I would get an angry email from the admins if I tried to attach every picture he sent me... I will post what I can to get the point across. Long story short... I want to recommend anyone in the area to send him a message if you need maintenance, walnut blast or even bigger repairs. He's a top notch mechanic, and a top notch guy (which for me is just as important)

    Operations begin

    Walnut blast of cylinder 5 before

    Walnut Blast of Cylinder 5 after

    Walnut Blast of cylinder 3 before

    Walnut Blast of cylinder 3 after

    everything was in order and accounted for by where it was removed

    A leak is not what I had... this was.. more...

    After the old gasket was cleaned off, prepping for the new VCG

    "Hey David these lines right here dont look so good at the connectors. We may want to replace them while we are in here'

    'Remember that line I mentioned?'

    This oil filter housing had been leaking for a loooong time...

    Honestly.. I think this is the same part after cleaning it up... but he recorded no less than 150 pictures of the process (without me asking mind you) start to finish and I just kinda lost my place.

    Anybody who wants more pics or information, I will gladly speak to them regarding my experience with him. Even a few hours away... any needs I have with my Beemer... will be addressed by Mark. A+ guy, with A+ ability and A+ pricing... Please feel free to message me with other pics you want to see or questions.
    RIP Jess or the idea of Jess or... what OT was.. or whatever...

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    Whatís his contact info? What did he charge? Iím in Raleigh and need a good mechanic. Thanks

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    Do you know of someone in Fort Worth TX area that can do walnut blasting?

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    Can you message me back his info....I am in garner and would like to have a jb4 installed...thanks bud.

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    A group of NC State college students are coming up with a proposal for a digital marketing plan for a small local business that services and sells BMWs in Raleigh. As a part of the project, the team must survey and collect data in order to analyze it to present a recommendation to the local business.
    Can you take a few minutes and help us out?
    Many Thanks!

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    Could you PM me his info?

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    I'm in the Raleigh area, any contact info? Thanks

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