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Thread: Dipstick Failure?

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    Dipstick Failure?

    Drove my tii the other day. Got it warm...all was well. Revved it up in 2nd. Then blue oil smoke starts to bellow from tail. Lots of it. Under throttle blue smoke comes through steering column even. Pulled over and popped hood. Oil all over the driver side engine bay. Only possible culprit I can see is loose dipstick sticking about 1 inch out of tube. The dipstick barely fits in the tube and really just wobbles around.

    No oil in coolant. No evidence of coolant in the oil. Engine ran ok but power was down. Doing a compression test but I suspect it will be normal.

    Has anybody heard of such a thing? Massive oil flowing out dipstick tube under high revs?

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    Dipsticks often fail, they are dipsticks.

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