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Thread: Track Car Brake Noise Troubleshooting - Normal or Not?

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    Track Car Brake Noise Troubleshooting - Normal or Not?

    Here's the situation:
    -Brand new Wilwood calipers up front
    -Brand new Meyle rotors up front
    -Used (but 85% life) HT10 pads. *Note - the pads used to be on the rear of my car for 2 track days (7 sessions). Were new before that. However they aren't 100% flat and square like a brand new pad, there's a very slight taper to them.

    The feel of the brakes is perfect, good solid pedal. I have NOT bedded in the pads on the new rotors, just too hard to do that on the Atlanta streets.

    I'm getting a horrible groaning noise sometimes on the highway, or at low speed. Generally after I've applied the brakes and then let off them. If the noise is happening and I ever so slightly push the pedal, it ceases. If I turn sharply into a corner, sometimes it ceases.

    Here's a link to what it sounds like at low speed ignore the squeeky Clutch pedal and steering wheel:
    Imagine this as a constant sound when doing 70mph. Then lightly applying the brakes eliminates it.

    My suspicion is that it's Used and not perfectly square pads on brand new rotors that haven't been bedded in. I have a track day coming up next week and can't figure out what else it could be. Would you track it and hope this goes away once the pads are bedded? Or do you think I have another issue here?

    I'm not the type to "test" things out and risk my precious track time, would like to have the car fully sorted before I get there.

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    Sounds pretty typical of track pads when cold, not bedded, and after 'rotating'. I'd run em.

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    that video sounds more like pad dragging then cold high pitch squealing. at 6-7 seconds in your video thats the cold squeal the short high pitch part. i also have HT-10, old pads new rotors just installed. i never heard that sound, loud growl from any brake work. some slight scraping or wet pads rotor sound maybe.
    sometimes your pedal pressure will even up the caliper and square it more on the guide pins relieving the stuck part.
    hows your caliper guide pins? lubed? sounds like hung caliper (stuck piston) but new you said, or guide pin.
    lift the wheels up and turn them by hand should be easy to feel or hear a wheel that has drag on it. if so inspect that caliper and pins.
    if not rebleed all calipers see what that results are.
    brakes are important for track environment.

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