Ok here it goes....
I'm looking to purchase a 2012 x5 35i. It is super clean, has 72,000 miles on it. Has the Sport package and all the bells and whistles.Seems like it has been very well taken care of.
I have a couple questions on my mind.
They are asking 23,000.00 for it. Can someone give me their thoughts on that asking price? The car fax is very clean, the first owner was a 3 year lease, the 2nd owner
purchased it at 27,000 miles and had it up to this point. They traded it in at Toyota in Cerritos, CA and from there it went to the Pacific Region Auto Auction.

1) First question, is that a bad sign that Toyota sold it to auction instead of selling it themself?
2) Is there any way to find out how much the x5 sold for at the auction?
3)Are there any quirks about this x5 year that would be good to be aware of in considering purchasing?
4)What would be a good fair price for me and the dealer for me to pay for this sweet ride?!
Thank you for any insight!