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Thread: 840ci that has been sitting for 14 years

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    840ci that has been sitting for 14 years

    Hi guys,
    I am going to inspect, and eventually buy, a pretty unique 840ci later this week. The only problem is that the car has been sitting outside for around 14 years in Sweden's various weather (in winter below 0 °C), except one startup 5 years ago.
    The current owner wants a quick sell, and I assume that the batteries are dead.
    Under these circumstances, what am I going to look for?

    (Picture of the car in question)


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    Hej, Currymacka-
    Yikes...sitting for 14 years in Sweden. As it sits, your purchase would be a gamble, will it turn out to be a parts car or will it actually run? And what about the gearbox? Most likely, the gasoline is beyond it's freshness date. Batteries dead too, so.....I suggest you look for body rust and base your purchase price on what you may or may not see rust wise and as if it were a parts car, not a running vehicle. If you come to terms on a purchase price, most likely all rubber parts (suspension bushings, coolant hoses, belts, rubber fuel lines, oil, air & fuel filters, possibly fuel pumps, etc) will need to be replaced, wheel bearings freshened, brake system overhaul, water pump, maybe radiator- I'm sure coolant was never changed in 10 years so you may have engine coolant passages corrosion and have engine freeze plugs that have popped out. I'm sure others will add their comments.
    Hopefully, this car can be brought back from the verge of being just a parts car - and another one saved. Good luck-

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    Look for damage to the cooling system, and engine from freezing, check all fluids, and look for the lowest price possible. You will need 2 batteries to boost/start it. Unplug the coils first and turn the motor over to circulate the oil before attempting to start it.
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    You might want to remove all the plugs and spray some light oil in there.....let it sit for a day or so and then try and turn the engine using a wrench at the crank pulley. If it turns, then spin it up on the starter before fitting the plugs back in. You can say for sure the fuel pump will be stuck solid, fuel doesn't last very long in plastic fuel tanks. You wont be able to repair the pump, so figure on paying for a second hand unit.

    The brakes will need attention, likely need a complete overhaul. Hopefully its not too rusty underneath, looks solid from the outside.

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    Yeah I wouldn’t even crank it. Any oil it did have has settled down in the pan by now. I wouldn’t even start it without changing it, then pulling the fuel pump relay and giving it some quick hits to get the new oil circulated.

    I’m sure the sunroof is rusted out too.

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    why has it sat for so long? did it run before it was parked? its a nice color and looks good on the outside i hope you can save it.

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    Hi Currymacka, you're a brave man. In addition to the above add in full suspension rebuild both front & rear. As long as the car is straight (accident free), price is right (very cheap) and you have deep, deep, abyss pockets for the repairs (read rebuild, 2nd & 3rd mortgages ) go for it!

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