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Thread: My car wont start

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    My car wont start

    I installed my stereo on my 2002 330i and once everything was wired up I turned the key to accessory mode and everything worked and then I turned on the car on (turn the key completely) and my stereo sound went out. so I turned it off and on again and my AC would not turn on. I turned the car off and checked if the AC was wired up properly, which was. I turned on the car and my the stereo wouldn't turn on, AC didn't work, windows wouldn't roll up, dash light would barely even turn on and my car wouldn't start, seems as if I just lost all power. My car doesn't even lock. Could it be the battery? or should reverse everything I did , check my fuses and try to turn it on again?

    I Checked my #35 and #46 fuse(s) with a tester but it appears as if fuse 35 doesn't work, I took it out to make sure if it was blown but it appears to be fine. What should I do? I would appreciate the help
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    Check the battery. Low power at the battery can cause wacky issues.

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