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Thread: 1999 323i engine noise-New to Bimmerforums

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    1999 323i engine noise-New to Bimmerforums


    I am new to Bimmerforums and am hoping to get some insight into an engine issue I'm having. This is a family car that was recently passed down to me and I intend to make it an ongoing project car. I drove it nearly four hours home, took it to work and back the next day, and had no issues at all. It made no sounds and was running smooth. A few days later I started it up to take to work again and it made the noise you see in the video. Anyone have any idea what I could be dealing with here? From what I've read and researched it could be anything from belts/pulleys to something with the alternator and more. The engine light is on on the dash. I luckily have a hefty stack of service records with it so I can see what might need to be replaced. I figured I'd ask around before I go taking things apart.

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    Hard to say from the video. Sounds like it could be a seized belt tensioner? I would start there.

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    Belt tensioner-pulleys...two of them...although separate, a third pulley working in the serpentine belt system services the AC...replace them all, 3 of them...very common.
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