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Thread: New Owner, once again

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    New Owner, once again

    Hello everyone!!!

    We just got a 2001 BMW 3 Series 330CI Auto with what seems to be some sort of M Sport Package. I'll be on here trying figure out exactly what we have here. We are not new to BMWs, wife's last 3 daily drivers have included a 328i, X3 XDrive, and now a 2016 X3 SDrive. The 328i being our first, I'll have to the year but was stunning. It was Black with grey interior with the famous 5 spoke wheels. Man, were we hooked.
    With lots going on in our empty nest situation we talked about getting something for weekend fun and I've always been a classic car nut and she is a BMW nut so this model just fits. Not much seat time yet but things were well maintained as its over 130K, things like tranny flush done and new coolant reservoir and hoses already replaced. A plus is although a dealer buy I was given previous owner name & number and it was a pleasure to speak to him and get some basics.
    Looking for a little top down fun in Jacksonville, FL before the top will stay up and A/C on. Well maybe for me I'll tan the bald head a bit when solo.

    Hoping all this goes well, seems like almost getting into classic territory but she looks good and runs good so far. We will post a picture or two soon!

    Here is DayOne picture, 4/11/2018:
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    Sweet. Sport package, definitely.

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    2001 a classic? You seem to me as a 'new car' kinda guy! Pre-1970 BMW to me are the classic, of BMW. Face value, spoked wheels or not, even are not so much for weekend fun, my opinion. ....Nice is that you may want to revive an older SP.......... 130k is for that year is quite young. If the body and interior are clean...I'd say "do it"....It will cost you....a lot!

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    2001 330Ci’s came with the sport package. It was a mandatory option. Great cars. The Achilles heel of these cars is the cooling system. It needs to be overhauled at 100k miles. Go to E46Fanatics to read up on what must be replaced.

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