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Thread: Create a remote/receiver for Homelink

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    Create a remote/receiver for Homelink


    I have a BMW e38 2001 with the Homelink.
    My door opener is made by "Nice"
    The frequency is 433 mhz.

    According to google, Homelink on pre 2007 car doesn't do 433 mhz.

    So I'm trying to make a remote/receiver to make my homelink work for my door opener.
    I brought this :

    After a little mount with my arduino, the receiver/remote work fine. But I can't make it work with the homelink.

    Anyone have found a DIY solution for Homelink ?


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    My new garage door opener would not work with my 2011 BMW M3.
    I had to buy a Compatibility Bridge and it works perfectly.
    My new garage door uses Security+ 2.0 and my car would not work with it.
    But now it does work using this bridge.
    Homelink makes them.

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