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Thread: 2016 X1 Steering

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    2016 X1 Steering

    I have had an X1 for about 2 years now, and have never liked the steering. It feels vague, and hard to explain, but sometimes it feels like it's darting around unevenly. I have never felt this in a car before, and it's not what I would expect from a BMW. My biggest problem is explaining it, so I know the dealer won't do anything.

    Anyone else have anything similar, ideas what this might be, or a better way to describe it?

    Thanks All!

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    Isn't the 2016 NOT the e84 model, but the next model up, the F48? I'd ask in that forum.

    If it was an e84, I'd suggest researching whether or not your car has hydraulic vs. the servotronic option.

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    2016 X1 has servotronic "electric" steering. Compared to the old BMW steering it's frankly garbage. It's too light and feels off. Drove a 2012 328i with the same and I wasn't very impressed.

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