Anyone ever try one of these? Seems like its a nice visual fit (screw holes aside). Any comments on Android 6.0 (wait for next version)?

I know about the Dynavin N7. Just wondering if this is comparable (or what peoples' experience is with them) since this is a slightly better visual (Yes, visual means something to me; and yes, Dynavin ain't so bad looking).

I've seen the Alpine iLX-107 and it looks fantastic iLX-207 has great features too (but bottom of screen looks typically tuner, vs clean). 108/208...well, I don't want to spend that much ($2000) on just the unit. But when you put it in the typical mounting kit, it leaves a lot to be visually desired with the wide open areas on the sides of the screen. I don't like the alternative mounting with the screen below because of usability. The Dynavin does a better job of OEM-look, but hey, if the Seicane screen goes all the way across....

All insight welcome. My stipulations on the unit or any other suggested:

1) I'm an iPhone user but I don't really see a need for CarPlay. If I can occasionally use the iPhone for navigation with voice played over the speakers (connected via Bluetooth) then I'm fine.
2) I want to play songs from my phone via Bluetooth of which I have a mixed reality of iTunes, Pandora, and my FLACs via Onkyo app.
3) I like videos to be played, but unless someone can show me live sports played via my apps on screen (without commiting to Android), all I really need is the sound to come through while I'm driving. Points for something while I'm stopped or if I can entertain my kids while I'm driving.
4) I do want a backup camera (main reason for screen requirement) that uses the CANBUS so the lines actually do something. I saw some ebay specials for <$40 but I've never heard of the long term results. (ie. installers I know recommend the $100+ ones and will guarantee them)
5) Want a clean installed look that looks like it could have came that way from the factory (if you didn't know).
6) Intend to upgrade speakers with an amp at the same time (I actually have the fabeled, "base" model). That's the end goal.

Thanks ahead of time!