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Thread: Ignition and Kill Switch Wiring

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    Ignition and Kill Switch Wiring

    Hey guys I'm currently doing the chassis wiring on my 93' 325is track build and have a couple questions. This is my first time wiring a car so please bare with me.

    The stock ignition seems to have an unfused ~10g Hot going in. I'm changing to a toggle switch with momentary start that comes with what looks like 14g leads attached.
    I also have the 4 pole killswitch from Pegusus that claims you should run ignition coil power through pins Z.

    So my questions are. Should I run Hot at all times from my killswitch to my fuse block > Ignition Fuse > add ignition relay and connect the switch to that? Then do I just run PWR from Ignition relay back to the Z pins on my kill switch directly to my coil junction?

    This setup would power my fuse block with the killswitch and the ignition switch would only relay power to the ignition coils back through the killswitch. Is this the best way?

    Do I need a separate switch for my ECM? Should I run a hot at all times from the fuse box to it or include it in the ignition switch relay power through the kill switch?

    Hope that makes sense! I can upload a basic schematic later in the day if that helps.

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    Hey, I have a similar setup in my car, but with three SPST switches for power/ignition/accessory and a push to start button. For a kill switch I'm using a solenoid and a relay with two cutoff swtiches in series for a 'control' loop.

    Just install the kill switch the way it was intended - keep the ignition circuit separate. Get some 1/0 (or 4ga) terminals and rent a crimper. Break it under the passenger dash and extend it with some battery cable if you need to (you probably will).

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