Greetings everyone,

for my first post, I have a radio problem that has me stumped. I have an '07 MINI Cooper S that suddenly won't respond to the tuner or SAT soft buttons! When pressing the "Audio" button on the radio, the Tuner and SAT options on the LCD show two small dashes. When either is selected, nothing happens. The last time I drove it (yesterday), both worked fine! The CD and Aux options are working without issue. Has anyone seen this? I'm thinking either the IBOC tuner or SAT receiver are faulty. I opened them both looking for burned caps, diodes, etc. but found nothing. The MOST bus connectors all have light and I have antenna continuity between the IBOC connector and antenna module connector, and also between the SAT receiver and the roof antenna lead. I can't figure out where the antenna lead at the CCC unit terminates. It doesn't have connectivity to any other antenna connector I've found.
I'm hoping somebody has experienced this can can tell me what component could be faulty or at least where the CCC antenna lead terminates.

Many thanks in advance.